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Video 1: Wobble Cushion & Neck Bands!

Benefits of using:

Wobble Cushion

Sitting on an exercise disc wobble cushion encourages active/ dynamic sitting. The disc is placed directly onto the chair sat on, this provides a less stable sitting surface, which means that the body has to make continuous small movements to correct balance. These movements use and thus strengthen the deep core stability muscles which provide postural support to the body.

The best way to use a wobble cushion to improve core strength and posture is to simply to sit on it for short periods little and often during the day. It is still possible to slouch when sitting on a stability cushion so it remains important to be aware of maintaining a good sitting posture.


Exercise Steps

WARM UP 1: 15 curls (front and back)

WARM UP 2: 15 curls (left and right)

EXERCISE: Diagonal leans for 1-2 seconds (front-right, front-left, back-right and back-left)

*Do steps 1-3 twice per day*

BEnefits of using:

Pro-lordotic Neck Exerciser

The Pro-Lordotic Neck Exerciser is a progressive resistance neck exercise device that tractions the normal lordosis into the cervical spine while active extension exercises of the entire cervical spine are performed during the five minute, structural/postural corrective, home or in-office treatment session.

This is the only home exercise device to apply a strong rehabilitative stretching of the anterior cervical structures. This helps to stretch out thinning degenerated discs, breaking-up scar tissue and allowing them to absorb surrounding blood and re-hydrate. It can also be used to strengthen the important deep anterior cranial-cervical flexors, which research has shown will improve head posture and reduce chronic neck pain and headache.


Exercise Steps

WLL FLY: Bring bang out – pause when bands are forward and releases (10 reps per set)

EXTENTIONS: Extend arms out – nod your neck forward and backward (10 each side forward and back)

ROTAIONS: Extend arms out – rotate neck left and right (10 on each side left and right)

EXTENTIONS: Extend arms out – nod your neck forward and backward (10 each side forward and back)

*Do steps 1-3 twice per day*


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