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Sports Injuries

Our specialist sports medicine chiropractors are highly experienced in the assessment and treatment of soft tissue injuries, with award winning knowledge of biomechanics, tissue pathology and healing. They carry out a thorough assessment, treatment and rehabilitation for all musculoskeletal injuries.

We make feeling better easy

It’s As Easy As 1, 2, 3

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1. Detail-oriented care

Finlayson Chiropractic Car is an award-winning chiropractic clinic. Our care, biomechanics, tissue pathology and healing is used to make a thorough assessment and treatment plan for you injuries.

2. Painless relief & treatment

We employ only the latest and most advanced techniques to treat our patients. We use everything at our disposal to make sure you are promptly on the way back to better health and happier days. 

3. No pills or drugs

We’re chiropractors, not pharmacists. We combine natural ways of healing and technologies like laser therapy, traction tables, wobble chairs, decompression tables and massage therapy to treat you. 

Finlayson Family Chiropractic

Personalized Care By Sports Injury Experts

Sprains or Strains

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Swollen Muscles

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Leg or Knee Injury

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Back or Spine Injury

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Full Body Assessment

Family Treatment & Care

FUll-Service Chiropractor

Advanced Chiropractic Care For You & Your Family.

Our business is family-owned so we know the value of treating people like family. We treat our patients like we treat our own family members. A comfortable clinic, licenses practitioners and award-winning treatment — we are your one stop chiropractic clinic. 

We take pride in what we do

A Few Words From Our Patients

“Very friendly staff. As an athlete my main focus is just to maintain my overall health and functional movements.  The Finlayson family is helping me with my journey.”

– Josh L

“I always thought that it would be too scary, too dramatic going to a chiropractor. This team makes you feel like you’ve been friends forever. The team is amazing and they’re in it to help you NOT in it for the money. Teaching you about your body every step of the way. Thank you again guys for not being awkward or uncomfortable.”

– Girl m

“Great establishment. These guys really do an amazing job to put their clients needs first. I have never experienced a better service than theirs.”

– Lopaka L


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Sustained an injury while playing sports?

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